About Us

The Meaning Behind the Word

Aliyah, pronounced ah-lee-ah, is a Hebrew word meaning to elevate, ascend, or go up.   

It is our desire to see our students flourish and elevate themselves, not only in their technique, but in their everyday lives through our program!    

Our Mission

Aliyah School of Art is impacting the community’s social, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs through arts and education.   

Our Three Branches

This non-profit organization has three branches.

Aliyah School of Art, handles the institution of education in the arts, covering all disciplines, including instruction in the visual arts, music, theater, and dance.

Aliyah School of Art & Therapy, works with the deaf, the blind, and the autistic in order to provide adaptive classrooms, curriculum, and arts therapy to service the needs of this specialized population.

Aliyah’s third offshoot is their Multi-cultural Family Support Center. Because Aliyah’s approach is a holistic one, not only do they work with children, but they also work with the adults and parents. Through this particular division they provide ESL classes, job placement, healthy eating and living seminars, and business training among other opportunities. 

A Reputation in Excellence

Aliyah has had the pleasure to sub-contract and work together with other well-known establishments such as Philadelphia’s the Gibson School of Music and Art, Olney's Youth Art’s Festival, and New York’s, East New York, Brooklyn, Summer Saturdaze Festival to name a few. 

Aliyah has also worked with numerous other churches, daycares, and recreation centers. Together they provide instruction in the arts, consulting, demonstrations, and seminars to support our communities. 

Aliyah Outreach

If you are looking to expand your dance program/ministry or incorporate one of our programs into your school, you can do so through our Outreach Program

Through this program our trained faculty and staff partner with your school/institution and students in order to provide them with our state of the art training, performance opportunities, and resources.    

Contact us today for more information concerning our Aliyah Outreach program and how we can create a personally customized program for you today!


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