Aliyah Outreach Program

About Aliyah Outreach

Aliyah School of Art, handles the institution of education in the arts, covering all disciplines, including instruction in dance, music, visual arts, and theater.

Our Goals

  • To impact our community
  • To increase the awareness and understanding of art and its impact
  • To augment the number of community art advocates and enthusiasts
  • To help others find a sense of belonging
  • To celebrate individuals’ differences
  • To aid in students’ progression as productive members of our society.

How do we do this?

We accomplish this through providing excellence in arts education, extending adaptive classroom opportunities for students with disabilities, and giving back to our community. 

One of the ways that we give back to our community is through supporting local community educational leaders and institutions through our Aliyah Outreach program. 

Aliyah Outreach assists local educational systems by extending our programming, teachers, support, and staff to their entity. It is our desire through collaboration, not only to assist in the growth and expansion of local community educational programming, but also satisfy local community needs for education in the arts.

Through our Aliyah Outreach program, your institution can choose from any of our available comprehensive programs to add as an addition to your establishment. 

Aliyah Outreach has the unique capability to personalize your program specifically for your needs. 

What do we provide?

Aliyah Outreach always provides their partnering institution and staff with: 

  • Resources for Aliyah Staff to sign in and out of the space
  • Written Instructions for codes of conduct, emergencies, class roster sheets, and emergency contact information
  • Waivers, student/parent participation agreement forms, field trip forms, and other informational documents necessary for course implementation
  • Prices are based upon classroom sizes of 30 students or less. Larger classroom sizes may incur higher prices
  • All programs that run for a minimum of 6 weeks or more have the option for an end of program performance, concert, showcase, or assembly


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